5 one-of-a-kind debut theme ideas

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Looking for a concept for your 18th birthday party’s preevent photoshoot? We’re listing here our favorite debut theme ideas for pictorials–some we’ve done ourselves and some we’re very much interested in doing sometime in the future.

Debut Theme Ideas to Choose From

1. Modern-day Princess

AmadeuxWay Disney-inspired urban princesses

By modern, we mean here a more fun-loving princess set in a modern and realistic (yes, realistic) world–quite a departure from the Disney princesses you’ve known from your bedtime books. Imagine yourself in Belle’s gown while eating dirty ice cream in a street in Manila, or, as an alternative, put on a customized modern-day wardrobe that reminisces a Disney princess’s outfit (see photo above).

Must-haves: looong classic gown, crown, and princess gloves for props

2. Woodland Fairy

Our very own debutante, Coy

An environmentalist at heart? A woodland fairy theme might be perfect for you! The good thing about this theme is that any grassy vacant lot can be virtually your photoshoot location, just like what we experienced in one of our shoots.

Must-haves: fairy’s costume, floral crown!, magic wand (maybe), and a sunrise or sunset schedule for a lovely milky lighting effect

3. Classic Vogue

Location, location, location

If you’re in the conservative side, you might want to try a classic vogue theme. Classic speaks of timeless beauty and elegance. Though you will have to source for a location perfect for the shoot–and the attire as well, the outcome might be very wonderful.

Must-haves: location location location, classic attire, and hat, sunglasses, and dark-colored umbrella for the props

4. Colored Powder

Warning: Just for adventure-loving girls out there!

This one is inspired by a traditional Indian festival called Holi, also known as the festival of colours or the festival of love. There’s just a warning, though. The shoot will be a messy one, no doubt on that. You will literally bathe in colored powder. So if are a bit adventurous–and would love to incorporate love and fun in your photos, then go for it.

Must-haves: neon color holi powder, white or plain-colored attire, and a nearby washroom for convenient after-shoot cleansing

5. Levitation

Photoshop for art’s sake :)

Have you heard this word before? Meaning “flying,” this one aims to transcend beyond the reality as the subject magically floats up in the air. The challenges? This one requires pre-shoot conceptualization, on-the-shoot endurance, and editing patience.

Must-haves: some really nice floating concepts, a chair, and Photoshop

Hope you liked one of these themes, or at the very least inspired you to do the shoot that you’ve been thinking of doing for so long. Just remember to take the precautions while you’re at it, and of course, enjoy the shoot.

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