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Debut at Sofitel Manila

If we will sum up Steph’s recent debut at Sofitel Manila, the perfect word that comes to mind is “elegance.”

Our eyes were ecstatic even before the event started. While shooting the preps, we were mesmerized by the sceneries perfectly framed by the hotel’s floor to ceiling windows: the majestic Manila Bay, a glimpse of Star City, and the lovely sunset.

Nighttime came along with the party’s guests who were dressed in black. The sight was pure classic. From the food to the table setup to the stage.

By the way, you’ll see a bunch of USB drives in the photos below. Well, Steph requested beforehand to get video greetings from her arriving friends, which made the most of her same-day edit video. And that video was stored to the USBs which were then distributed to the guests as souvenir. Yeah, brilliant idea. :)

You can also check out Steph’s predebut photos we shot a few weeks before her big night.

Our favorite shots…   debut at sofitel manila debut at sofitel manila

debut at sofitel manila

debut at sofitel manila

debut at sofitel manila


Same-day edit video

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