6 totally free photo shoot locations

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Krysthel’s Beach Pictorial in Batangas
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free photo shoot locations

Planning your photo shoot but running on a short budget? Forget paying a prime location just to have yourself photographed since there are picture-perfect locations where you can have the shoot absolutely for free. Yes, the old adage is still true: Sometime the best things in life are free.

Incredibly free photo shoot locations around the metro

1. Public parks

free photo shoot locations

Jek & Tin (Location: Rave Rainforest Park, Pasig City)

Public parks are not just popular as hangout place for family and barkadas. They’re also sought after as free (or low-cost) photo shoot location. Choose the park that would suit the theme you’re thinking of. If you have a summer attire, find a place like the Wildlife Park or Eco Park, both in Quezon City. For casual theme, try the Rave Rainforest Park in Pasig. Avoid the weekends as parkgoers are expected to swarm the place. Set an early morning or late afternoon shoot schedule where the sunlight is not too harsh.

2. Street

free photo shoot locations

Alyssa (Location: BGC, Taguig City)

If you are a bit adventurous, try doing your photo shoot in the streets, where fun and spontaneous creative ideas are bound to happen. Go for fashionable attire and accessories to make a striking contrast of you as the subject against the day-to-day look of the street. Make use of the outdoor elements–bench, sidewalk, lamp post–as you do your poses. And don’t forget to tag along a muscled buddy to act as your bodyguard.

3. Nature spots

free photo shoot locations

Krysthel (Location: Laiya, Batangas)


Ryan & May (Location: Calatagan, Batangas)

If you live in the outskirts of Metro Manila, say Laguna or Cavite, chances are you have clean and beautiful nature spots in your community where you can have your free photo session. Our top choices would be the beach, river, and meadow. For this, the perfect wardrobe would be pastel-themed floral or summer attire accessorised with a hat and shades.

4. Clubhouse

free photo shoot locations

Jeline (Location: La Verti Residences, Pasay City)

Living in a condominium or a subdivision? One of the perks of living in these communities is the free use of its clubhouse which, if you’re lucky, has a picture perfect garden and pool. Make sure to coordinate with the management prior to the shoot since most of them require that a waiver be submitted first. Tip: Schedule a late afternoon shoot with your photographer to make use of the pool’s and garden’s lighting. And since clubhouses are normally foot traffic heavy, find the best time and and the best spots to do the shoot. Go for a cocktail attire, that is, less formal yet not too casual.

5. School

Elaine (Location: University of Santo Tomas)

We’ve shot a number of debutants whom schools are undeniably picturesque. So when they asked us for photo shoot locations, we suggested their very own school. We’ve shot in UP Diliman, UST, and, Enderun and the outcome was just amazing. If this idea amazes you, prepare a wardrobe that matches the school’s look. For the schools we’ve mentioned, we opted for classic vintage attire. Set a schedule when there is less crowd that may interfere with your photo shoot.

6. House

free photo shoot locations

Marielle (Location: Bonifacio Heights Condominium, Taguig City)

Believe it or not, your very own dwelling place might be the perfect spot for your photo shoot. If your chosen concept is home-related, let’s say a lazy Sunday, or a couple cooking, why not consider moving your furniture to create the best backdrop ever? The major con for this is the possible lack of natural lighting, so it’s better to discuss this with your photographer. And the major pro? Well, convenience, no travel expenses, and nearby snacks to name a few. Go for casual attire with lots of fun DIY props.

Last note

For an outdoor shoot, don’t forget to bring the essentials aside from your dress, makeup, and props. We mean the water, rain gears, extra clothes, and sunscreen lotion. Refrain from carrying or wearing valuables like mobile phones and jewelries. Lastly, enjoy the shoot and be cooperative to your photographer since a successful photo session also takes two to tango. :)


  1. Julie says:

    Hi Team Magayon! We love your list! We have a photo shoot location in Quezon City called Bahay Lakan and we’re looking for photographers to work with. We noticed there aren’t many prenup shoots in romantic abandoned old houses, so we’re offering our venue.
    We have more photos on our Facebook page http://fb.com/BahayLakan. Do let us know if you’re interested. :)

    – Julie

    • Magayon Media says:

      Hi Ms. Julie! Thanks for dropping by. We saw your FB gallery and we’re amazed of your place. Very nostalgic and romantic indeed! We’ll surely recommend Balay-Lakan to our future clients! :)

  2. Vincent Llabres says:

    How much do we need to pay for the venue?

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