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Thinking on how to maximize photography to add fun to your party? Well, here are some tried and tested ideas you may try incorporating in your upcoming event.

1. Photo gallery

The most favorite yet the most effective one, a photo gallery is simply a display of your chosen photos. If you’re having a wedding reception, you may use your prenup photos, or if it’s a first birthday you’re celebrating, maybe a 12-piece set of the celebrant’s monthly portraits. Galleries vary in form—one may be in a form of a hallway or wall adorned with framed photographs and another may may be done in a painter’s setup in which framed photos are attached in easels. One way to make your photo gallery really awesome is to use spotlights on your photos, individually, as if creating an art gallery-like ambiance. There’s an unexplainable happiness when your look at a photograph printed this big, and for sure, your guests will enjoy the experience.

Vendors to talk with: photographer, album maker, stylist, venue personnel


2. Guestbook

Also sometimes referred to as a signbook, a guestbook is simply a photo album designed in such a way that your guests can write messages or dedication on the pages, apart from looking at the beautiful photos featured in it. In a way, it is also an alternative to the outdated sign frame, which is basically a framed paper where guests write their message. What’s amazing about guestbooks is that they may be laid out according to your event’s theme or your taste. If you’re interested creating a guestbook, make sure to put it right on the registration table so your guests will have the chance to see and sign it. You can also ask your on-the-day coordinator to table-hop during the reception to make sure guests have written their messages. Knowing that it would be impossible for you to meet every one of your guests up close, having their messages for you in the guestbook is a good thing.

The best part of having a guestbook is that you can relive your big day after it’s long gone.  Bonus to that are the messages, jokes and doodles your guests have jotted down inside the book.

Vendors to talk with: photographer, layout artist, album printer, on-the-day coordinator


3. Photo slideshow

Among this list, the slideshow shares with the gallery when it comes to popularity. Why? Well, it’s usually being injected to the program in times of “dead air”, maybe it’s dinnertime or the next presentor of the program is not yet ready, and so on. The slideshow is then repeatedly flashed on the screen to maximize the presence of the projector or LED wall. Well, there’s nothing wrong with that but, let’s admit it, most of the just guest don’t enjoy the show. Suggestion? Allot a special portion in showing the slideshow. Put it in the program and number it just like the grand entrance of the newlywedded couple or the 18 roses of a debut party. Have the host introduce the slideshow and ask the lights man to dim the light. The trick here is to show video that’s not too long which will bore the audience. A slideshow that has the length an average song, around 3 minutes, will do. And there’s no need to play the slideshow in loop.

Vendors to talk with: photographer, video editor, light and sound man, host


4. Hashtag slideshow

Image credit: www.instashow.tv

A newcomer in the list, hashtag slideshow is similar to the slideshow discussed above but, in this case, the photos are taken from Instagram posts with a specific hashtag. Let’s say your event’s hashtag is #EuniceX18, a slideshow software feeds all the photos with this hashtag. You can then project the photos on your screen in the form of a slideshow. The photos being show update and grow real-time that’s why a continuous internet connection is necessary to use this technology. As with the software, there are plenty of products to choose from ranging from the freeware like Instashow.tv to paid ones like Instafeedlive.com.

Just a piece of advice though, make sure that your hashtag is unique, otherwise you will see photos taken not from your event but from another one that uses the same hashtag as yours. Also, ask your host to announce the event’s hashtag, flash it on the screen if necessary, and then to remind the guests to take pictures—a wackie, a selfie, a groupie or whatever—and post it on their Instagram accounts using the event’s hashtag.

Vendors to talk with: host, light and sound man, software provided


5. Onsite photo slideshow

If you’re updated with the trends in wedding films, you might have heard the SDE (same-day edit) or on-site video. This is a short video showing the highlights of the day all the way from the preparation up to the reception. It’s edited by an on-site video editor and shown just right before the party ends. The onsite photo slideshow is the photo version of the SDE. Watching an SDE whether in the form of a video or photo slideshow is a heartwarming experience as it brings out the best parts of the day—what funny stuff happened during the preparations, what was the guests’ reaction when the groom first saw the bride walking down the aisle, what was the father’s reaction when her debutante daughter was dancing with one of the young men in the 18 roses and the guests were cheering remarkably. A good photographer will try to capture these beautiful moments and present it to the guests to relive the day’s happening with a smile on their face.

Vendors to talk to: photographer, light and sound man


6. Best pose contest

Who doesn’t enjoy a contest in an event? Contests are a great entertainment. When guests participate, the overall mood of the reception lights up. In a photo contest of this kind, the host will tell the guests that during the photo op, which is usually done by table number, each group will be told do a specific funny pose, a zombie pose for example. Judging will be done maybe courtesy of the client or the photographer, and the winner will be announced and awarded before the party ends. Normally, the guests will be very involved, giving their best pose which in turn add fun to the photo op portion. A good advice is to ask your photographer to flash the winning photo while the host announces it. It’ll make your crowd cheer for the winning group to reenact their pose. Sometimes they do reenact, and it’s fun.

Vendors to talk with: photographer, host, light and sound man

The winning pose during photo op. O di ba? :)


7. Best candid moments contest

This one is similar to the photo contest above: a winning photo is flashed and the subject is awarded. But this time, the series of photos is usually taken without the subject’s knowledge. The best candid shots are then given titles usually by the photographer who shot the pictures. Some titles we’ve seen in some of the events we covered are “Best-dressed,” “Face of the Night,” “Best Smile,” “Best Tulala,” “Best Antok,” and so on. Imagine those candid shots being shown on the screen while the subject walks toward the stage to accept his or her award. This for sure will drive your guests to cheers and laughter.

Vendors to talk with: photographer, host, light and sound man


There you go. Just some ideas to make use of photography in making your event more fun and, somehow, will give your guest an extra boost of happiness.

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