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lipa batangas debut photographer videographer

Batangas has become one of our favorite venues for wedding and debut parties for two main reasons: beautiful places and beautiful people.

Sophia Jonalee is a fine example of such beauty. Sporting a lovely face and the ideal height and figure of a beauty pageant winner, this debutante is indeed a head-turner. But Sophia chooses a quieter life away from the crowd and distraction. She prioritizes her studies (and she excels on that!) and is on her way to become a successful accountant.

We just thought this well-known line perfectly suits her as well: beauty and brains.

Below are some of the photos we took during Sophia’s debut.

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Event Photos

lipa batangas debut photographer videographerlipa batangas debut photographer videographer    
  lipa batangas debut photographer videographer
lipa batangas debut photographer videographer
         lipa batangas debut photographer videographer

Hair and Makeup – Grace Cipriaso Artistry

Venue – Rose Villas, San Jose, Lipa City

Catering / Styling – Margarita the Event Caterer

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